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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

first post!

Hi! I'm very excited to be writing my first post. Anyone who knows me knows i love love baking! Although most of the things I've maded in my life have come from a box. That's all about to change though. I've alredy made progress by making cookies,muffins and brownies from scracth! And they were actually good..but they could be better. Oh and one i made some doogy cupcakes for my dog's first birthday! Does that count??

Since I have such a passion for baking and a whole summer with nothing to do ahead of me I decided to start a baking blog! I will post everything I bake and share my expiriances with who ever wants to read them. right now i have an extreme obsession with SUGAR COOKIES! The beautifully decorated kind. I've been sarching for many recipies for cookies and royal icing and I've come across som good ones. so as my search cotinues i will post as soon as i finally decide to try one out. In a couple of days you will hopefully find a post on how to make sugar cookies! A long with the icing and som decoration. i have already bought some cookie cutters so expect to see cookies shaped as stars, butterfiles, hearts and some others!!


  1. I love how excited you sound to begin an adventure in baking! I'm sure it will be a love that you enjoy the rest of your life! I'll look forward to seeing what you bake!
    (Send me links from time to time so I don't miss them).
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  2. WOW!!! Thank you soo much!
    Your blog is such an isnpiration to me and you have no idea much more excited i now feel after reading your comment..I will definitly keep you updated on the sweets I´ll be baking (I've got cookies in the oven right now!).

  3. Good luck! Baking is so much fun and making things from scratch always gives such a wonderful sense of achievement :)

    Can't wait to see how you progess